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Silver & Golde

Things are not going the way Rayna Golde planned; when she graduated from college, she thought that she would be able to find an office job that would pay her enough to rent her own apartment so that she could start her adulthood and write her first romance novel in her free time. Instead, she's been turned away from every entry level job she's applied for because she "doesn't have enough experience". She's been forced to move in with her social-climbing, money-grubbing father and his new wife. At this point, she is desperate.

In an attempt to get expand his social circle to more powerful and wealthy individuals, Rayna's father sets up a job interview for her at Silver Law Firm, the private law practice of Boulder's most eligible bachelor and lawyer, Maxwell Silver. The moment Rayna meets Mr. Silver, her attraction to him is undeniable. But she knows better; if she's going to work for Mr. Silver, she can't be having such lustful thoughts about him.

Can Rayna ignore her attaction to Mr. Silver? And does he even want her to?

This is an +18 short stories that features consensual sex between two adults.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Swearing, female masturbation, age gap relationship, rough sex

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